UCLH - a diverse estate


University College London Hospital


To show the emissions associated with the energy use of the Trust's estate.


Set of images in which Google Earth is used to show emissions as volumes placed in the physical context of the buildings and their locations.

Carbon Visuals was commissioned by UCLH (University College London Hospital), to create a set of images showing the emissions associated with the energy use amongst the diverse buildings that make up the Trust's estate.

The emissions are shown as the actual volume of carbon dioxide gas (equivalent), at standard pressure and 15 deg C, associated with gas and electricity use during the year 2009/10. The visualisations use Google Earth to place the volumes in context. While the Google Earth models and textures are crude, in combination they provide a good sense of scale, especially for viewers who are familiar with the buildings themselves and their locations.

Differences in the scale of emissions, and variations in the balance between gas and electricity, reflect the diverse nature of the estate and the uses of the buildings.

Download Full Visualisation of UCLH Sites