Carbon Visuals is dedicated to helping everyone on the planet make more sense of the invisible. Images, films, animations and interactive web tools provide a fresh and visual communications approach.

Clients use our work in internal and external communications, academic reports, policy events, marketing and sustainability management.

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The story of the story ...of trees

You may have guessed we’re all rather enthusiastic about sustainable alternatives to carbon-hungry living. So to visualise the Story of Trees was a dream ticket. What followed brought Wood for Good and Carbon Visuals teams together for a highly creative and surprisingly intricate story.

From idea to animation: How we visualised the EPA Reduction Plan

When the President of the USA spoke directly about the EPA proposed carbon reduction target of 30% for USA power stations we knew this was the start of an important consultation process.

Can jaw-dropping visuals change the climate conversation?

Almost simultaneously that the EPA was announcing its Carbon Reduction Plan, Aaron Selverston of Green Biz contacted us about a piece he was writing highlighting the evolving and vital role of carbon visualisation in supporting environmental priorities at this time.

World Cup Carbon Emissions

Some offices organise a sweepstake for the World Cup. However, perhaps predictably (unlike the semi-final on Tuesday) we got interested in the associated emissions of this occasion. We started to think – what would the carbon story of a global event like this look like? Luckily we could turn to FIFA's own comprehensive calculations document to find out.

What the EPA reduction plan looks like

Under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposes a 30% reduction in carbon pollution from power plants by 2030. But the numbers are big. And we wanted to show the actual volume of CO2 saved in a way that everyone can understand.

Taking inspiring data visualisation to the White House

We have teamed up with technical consultants ERG to show, at a White House event, how environmental data can inspire and influence change.

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