CEO Antony Turner TEDx talk

Making greenhouse gases visible - why this is important

A presentation from Carbon Visuals CEO Antony Turner at TEDx event in Exeter, UK, April 2012.

In this nine minute video CEO Antony Turner makes the case for visualising greenhouse gases by turning mass, e.g. kilos and tonnes, into volumes. He tells the story of the formation of Carbon Visuals as a business and the creation of simple images that help people 'get' the fact that we are changing the atmosphere of the planet.

He then puts the case for using volumetric visualisations to help show multiple data sets and tell more complex stories, and gives examples of the use of 'real-time' visualisation. Using Google Earth he shows how we can see the carbon footprints of public buildings in Exeter by 'flying' over the landscape - finishing in the very building where the talk is taking place.

He finishes by pointing out that up to now we’ve only been able to understand the primary cause of climate change through numbers. The numbers are important but we also need to incorporate more direct and sensory ways of experiencing the world.

Download Antony's Slides from the presentation

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