Supporting carbon literacy at Plymouth University


University of Plymouth


Visuals to support carbon and energy-reduction activities by the Estates Department.


Image set to show daily and annual carbon footprints of selected buildings. Also staff commute emissions image for poster and report.

Carbon Visuals was invited to provide a set of images to illustrate the daily and annual carbon footprint of greenhouse gas emissions from selected buildings on the University of Plymouth campus. Portraying carbon emissions as daily volumes can be useful as the scale often makes more sense.

The purpose of the project was to support carbon and energy-reduction activities by staff from the Estates Department. In addition the University is planning research to determine the effectiveness of this kind of communication with students, academics and staff.

For this project we created a simple computer-generated model of the university campus in order to illustrate a variety of different carbon data sets.

In a separate contract Carbon Visuals were commissioned by Plymouth University to provide an image to illustrate the actual volume of carbon dioxide associated with daily and annual staff commute by car and motorbike to the campus.

The image was used on a Poster and also as the cover for the full Report. An example of a Carbon Visuals image being used for practical communications purposes.