Carbon emissions, air pollution and other environmental ‘invisibles’ need to be seen. We want our images and films to be used and shared as widely as possible.  So everyone has a chance to engage with these important issues.

That’s why Carbon Visuals images and videos have been created under Creative Commons Licence.  That means that they can be used and shared (but not changed) provided Carbon Visuals name and website is shown too.


Visit our Flickr account to view and download all our images.

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Our videos are available to watch and share on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.

Some of our videos are also available for free download from Vimeo. For access to the download links, please fill out the form** below.

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We would very much like to know how and when our videos are used to engage and inspire others - whether in the classroom, community hall or boardroom.  So feel free to email us simple details and images of the event.  We can post these to our Facebook page or feature in our Blog section if appropriate.


We have created Posters for our own use at conferences and exhibitions and are happy to share these if they can help communicate ’the invisible'. Feel free to save, view and download as PDF by clicking on the images. 

Carbon Visualisation Widget

We have created a tool / widget that enables you to make your own visual of a carbon footprint volume.

It shows the actual volume that a quantity of carbon dioxide would occupy at standard pressure and 15°C, and gives readers a sense of scale they can relate to.

Simply fill in the amount, title and caption and then embed in your webpage, blog, comment or e-mail. Alternatively you can use a snapshot tool to make a copy of the image to embed in presentations.

Carbon Visualisation Widget


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