Social Media

Integrating visuals and animation with social media campaigns is highly effective: instant impact with messaging or key data, increased click-through to more complex material, and development of your social networks and reach.

We can create social media compatible material including eye-catching images, short animations, Vines or GIF files. Often this is part of a bigger project to deliver longer animations, interactives or image sets. However, we can build your entire campaign on bespoke social media assets with additional campaign profile visuals and social media messaging and strategy.

Carbon Visuals has worked with a range of clients to combine the viral effect of social media with creative data visuals. Feel free to chat with us through Twitter, Facebook or email about your social engagement challenge.


Carbon Dioxide Antony.jpg

California Methane Leak

We produced an interactive animation and accompanying Vine to visualise the rate at which methane is being released from a gas leak in California, bringing insight to a new story circulating on social media.  

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The Ozone Campaign

Social media strategy, social networking assets and messaging tailored to a range of social platforms were all part of a wrap-around communications project we delivered for the United Nations campaign celebrating 30 years of international effort in protecting the ozone layer.

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Wood for Good Christmas animation

Animated Christmas Cards combined provide a fun and effective way to combine short animations with email marketing and social networking. This one is a play on an earlier campaign with Wood for Good.

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All the water

Intriguing and fascinating images are incredibly engaging to online audience through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest... This image shows all the available fresh water in the world.

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Carbon dioxide emissions and the UN summit

We provided material for an online and events campaign to tie in with the UN summit in 2014. Commissioned by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the campaign material was used on social profiles and streams for the duration of the event.

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2050 emissions reduction target

A Vine circulated through Twitter and Storify used here to engage the public in seventy page report from the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) as part of a compelling image set.

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