We create powerful and moving films that show emissions, targets, resource uses and success stories.

We can also show water volumes and flows and other normally invisible or unseen stuff.

Outputs include six second VINE animations for instant social media viewing, short trailers or teasers designed to go viral and longer, more detailed technical stories or presentations.

Below is a selection of recent animations.  These can also be viewed on our Youtube channel.

In 2010 New York City added 54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent) to the atmosphere, but that number means little to most people because few of us have a sense of scale for atmospheric pollution.
The Montreal Protocol for reduction of ozone depleting substances has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but its work is not yet done. This film shows the carbon dioxide equivalent of the greenhouse gases that the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol have prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Combining live-action and 3D graphics this film conveys the scale and complexity of resource use in the Asia Pacific region. A first to combine our 3D graphics with economic data.

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In 1990 the UK added 780 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The target for 2050 is just 20% of that amount: 156 million tonnes (that is, an 80% reduction). The UK population in 1990 was 57,237,500. According to a projection from the Office for National Statistics the population in 2050 will be about 77 million.
This film by Carbon Visuals for WBCSD graphically demonstrates how significant fossil fuel use is today and will continue to be for decades to come, and so makes a case for carbon capture and storage. All the quantities represented in the film are 'real'; the film shows the actual volume and rate of emissions, it is not merely indicative.
How much carbon is stored in a tree? How does that translate into cut timber and wood products? And how much carbon can be 'banked' by using timber for building houses in the UK?
How do you visualise carbon offsetting? This is after all carbon NOT emitted. That was the challenge facing us when asked by Castrol Professional to create an animated film for the European dealer launch at CERN in Switzerland of 'the world's first CO2 Neutral Engine Oil'.
Short visualisation of the numbers cars, the materials they use and the greenhouse gases they emit. Made for Univeristy of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership