Telling the story of a city's emissions


Green Capital Artists residence at Create Centre, Bristol


“To make viewers feel part of the world - I try to fill the gap between seeing the world from a single perspective and seeing it statistically.”


Animation and images that show Bristol's daily carbon emissions as a volume of gas and a 'share' of the air for the city and its inhabitants.

Using creative visuals to deliver a carbon message

This series of images shows Bristol's daily carbon emissions as a volume of gas. By using College Green, a space familiar with many people in the city, we are demonstrating the power of visual comparison. The work formed part of a residency of Adam Nieman, Carbon Visual’s Creative Director, at the Create Centre, Bristol, in 2012. The exhibition coincided with Bristol's Big Green Week, an annual event that engages the public in green issues and actions.

Split into two parts, the aim of these images is to demonstrate Bristol's carbon dioxide emissions, and the 'share' of the air for the city of Bristol and its inhabitants.

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"These images turn abstract numbers into something Bristolians like me can feel. They bridge the gap between the individual and the city. By using the city itself as an instrument of measurement they humanise the process of quantitative analysis and make it accessible to a much wider audience."
Adam Nieman, Creative Director, Carbon Visuals

Compare Bristol with New York

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