Trees are not just for Christmas

Trees store carbon. Our jumbo-sized Christmas Tree is based on a single Sitka Spruce, grown commercially in the UK. Over a typical 40-year life the tree will capture and store 742 kg of carbon dioxide.

So we thought it would be fun to show that happening with this animation- admittedly with a touch of Christmas magic!

The image is a modified extract from visuals we created during the summer with Wood for Good, the UK's wood promotion campaign. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Wood for Good: scoping ideas, creating films and images and also working together to publicise the stories through social media.

See full information on the original Wood for Good project here.

Our short post-production video giving insight from our clients is here.

Wood for Good website here.

No reindeer were harmed in the making of this video. Have a sparkling Christmas break.

Antony Turner, CEO Carbon Visuals