A One Ton Time Bomb

THE Ton at an environmental expo in Palm Desert, California

THE Ton at an environmental expo in Palm Desert, California

Ted Flanigan of EcoMotion contacted us at Carbon Visuals last year having seen one of our early images of a London Bus next to one metric tonne of Carbon Dioxide. They too were working to provide a more effective frame of reference for businesses and individuals in the US struggling to make sense of emissions and climate change.

At that point EcoMotion had recently designed and produced a giant inflatable representation of a ton of carbon dioxide. Over 31 feet in diameter, THE Ton is a gigantic air-filled ball. A dramatic sight, specifically designed to stimulate people into reducing their emissions.

We both immediately recognised a shared aim! To produce exciting visuals that put information about emissions into a more understandable form, something that people, everywhere, can understand and engage with.

Antony Turner, CEO Carbon Visuals

The vastness of THE Ton attracted tens of thousands of people in California and as part of a New England Campus tour last year. Of course, being so visually striking and effective the press were attracted alongside bloggers. The tactile nature of THE Ton added to the impact, people touching and taking pictures.

Out on the street, at convention centres and in University quads THE Ton so effectively speaks for itself that the EcoMotion team have been able to concentrate on ‘showering the people’ with good ideas and information about how they can mitigate climate change.

It’s tough to imagine how much CO2 we release every year. When people see THE Ton up close, when they realise it’s their monthly CO2 emission, they say “it’s huge!” And that’s exactly the point. Our intent is to spur action.

Ted Flanigan, President EcoMotion

For more info about THE Ton visit the Ecomotion website. To discuss using THE Ton where you are contact Ted Flanigan +33 0(949) 450 – 7155 or email tflanigan@ecomotion.us