A real bubble / animation combo

If you want to get an issue noticed be bold! Staff at PwC UK have come in to work to see that a giant 10 metre diameter CO2 ‘bubble’ has appeared in the atrium of their London head office.  

A well as a “mahoosive CO2 bubble” as one member of PwC staff put it on Twitter, a complimentary 90 second film shows how the bubble arrived in this unusual setting.

The animation shows the UKs daily carbon footprint and the target reduction for 2030 and 2050.

See more Twitter images  here

See more Twitter images here


Timed, of course, to get attention before the COP21 climate talks get underway in Paris later this month, this combination of sculpture and film helps people see that CO2 is real and not just something abstract. It also gets across the message that PwC is serious about being part of the solution to the issue.

We love it. Wonder who made the video…