Sequestered carbon in innovative building panels

Total sequestered carbon in one Modcell panel

ModCell is a novel and innovative building system that brings the benefit of straw bale construction - exceptional levels of insulation - into the mainstream of the construction industry. Carbon Visuals was asked to provide images to show the sequestered carbon dioxide in panels and in a recently completed project - a school science centre in Bath.

The Modcell system, already used for building schools and houses, could make large-scale, carbon-capture a commercial reality in parts of the world where straw is just an agricultural by-product. This set of images will be used by Modcell to communicate the carbon sequestration capabilities of the products to potential clients and interested stakeholders.

A different view of the same sequestered carbon 'cube'

The sequestered carbon for the Nucleus building at Hayesfield Girls’ School, Bath

Modcell panels have been used in the recently completed Nucleus building at Hayesfield Girls’ School, Bath, a Technology College with an emphasis on innovation in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The building incorporates an efficient layout of labs and classrooms arranged around a Super Lab and double-height learning resource centre, that will allow the school to extend its provision of STEM teaching and will include research projects looking at environmental monitoring of buildings and working with scientists in residence.

Another view of the sequestered carbon 'cube'

A short animation showing the sequestered carbon for the Nucleus building at Hayesfield Girls’ School, Bath