Emissions, sequestration & stored carbon on upland farms

Carbon Visuals have created this short animation film to show the emissions, sequestration & stored carbon on ten upland farms in the Peak District National Park. The farms extend over 1,500 hectares and comprise part moorland, part pasture.

The data was taken from ADAS Report Environmental Quality Mark (EQM) Farm Carbon Footprint and Water Audit Pilot Project.

The core message from the film is that these farms are not only producing food and preserving the landscape. They are performing an important role as guardians of a huge carbon store that is best kept in soils and vegetation.

We believe that this is a 'world first' for this type of medium. Created for the consultancy ADAS, the film demonstrates the potential for moving animation to communicate complex carbon stories.

Total annual emissions of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide on the audited farms was 4,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gas. This 131 metre high cube cube is made up of 4,200 one tonne cubes, each over 8 metres high.

The film is being used to engage a variety of stakeholders including ADAS staff, farm managers and agricultural policymakers. For another example of our animation work for ADAS, click here.

If you like this approach, and feel that it would suit your particular carbon communication challenge, then please contact us.


The carbon audit found that around 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent has been sequestered in soils and vegetation by the ten farms of this upland landscape over the year.

This 1,000 tonnes would cover the 1,500 hectare area to a depth of 4 cm.

Adas have estimated that 736 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent are stored in the soils and vegetation just for the ten farms in the study.