about us

Carbon Visuals is a unique environmental communication business. We believe in the power of 'seeing' what is currently invisible - carbon emissions, local air pollution, global resources...

Our core team combines rigorous scientific methods, programming, environmental understanding and creative media skills.  On larger projects we are backed up by a growing group of great associates.  Our core expertise is to turn data into captivating imagery that anyone can relate to.

The Team

Antony Turner

Antony is CEO and leads on strategic development for Carbon Visuals. He is also founder of CarbonSense and an accomplished speaker and presenter. See TEDx talk here. He has a successful track-record of launching innovative and disruptive technologies worldwide.

Adam Nieman

Adam, the Creative Director of Carbon Visuals, is the genius behind the concept of visualising carbon emissions. He has a PhD in the visual culture of science and many years experience in science communication and the creative arts.

Peter Martin

Peter is the Sustainability Director for the company, providing ‘sense checking’ and challenge to the team. He is also a project leader for CarbonSense and has spent fifteen years advising organisations on strategies for sustainability, organisational development and engaging people in culture change.

Anna Lodge

Anna is the Carbon Visuals communications manager. She drives the marketing and promotional activities with the team, including through Twitter, Facebook and our Image of the Month ebulletin. For the last 15 years Anna has been helping a whole range of socially motivated businesses and organisations to effectively and creatively engage with audiences around the world.

Dave Forman

Dave is a highly experienced freelance creative with previous history on big brands, having co-founded a graphic design business - Epoch Design - which subsequently merged with Loewy Group in 2007. Dave provides art direction and co-production skills for complex animated and static infographic projects.


Martha is an illustrator, designer and all round creative with a passion for maths – which she has tutored as well as studied – and a 1st from Falmouth University. Based in our Bristol studio and working closely with Adam, Martha is contributing to diverse projects.

Dan Ulf-Hansen

Dan joined the team early in 2014 as an Assistant to Adam Nieman. A recent graduate of Cardiff School of Art & Design with a 1st in Graphic Communication, Dan was based in our Bristol studio and has continued to work with us while operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Past members of our team have included co-founder Ravi Kapur of GovEd Communications and Garry Hill of Magnetised.

Carbon Visuals was formed in 2009 when the climate change consultancy CarbonSense and science communication business GovEd Communications decided to collaborate.  Our first visual product was an innovative way of seeing the world's carbon emissions - the Carbon Quilt.