Carbon Visuals has a wide range of ways to help you get across your environmental data or stories. Concrete visualisation - the award-winning volumetric approach pioneered by our Creative Director Adam Nieman, can work powerfully in many media to make information real for many audiences.

We also offer more conventional abstract visuals as well as film, animation and DIY visual tools. We will propose the most suitable approach depending on the complexity of your project, your audience, available data and your budget.

Image sets & presentations

Engaging customers, employees or the public in any carbon information is a challenge. There is a solution. Carbon Visuals can turn abstract numbers and data sets into powerful and relevant images that help tell any carbon story.

Once we have your data we will produce volumetrically accurate images that provide the greatest impact for the audience you want to reach. Bespoke images and image sets can be produced to suit your budget.

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Film & animation

Animated film is a perfect way to make an impact on people who are normally uninterested in carbon data or stories. Our video showing New York City’s emissions has been viewed on YouTube over 280,000 times.

Carbon Visuals can create powerful and moving animated films that show emissions, targets and success stories. Project output can include short (less than one minute) trailers or teasers designed to go viral. We can also combine live action film and computer generated graphics in ways that have maximum impact.

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Interactive visuals can enable the viewer to examine and interrogate information in depth and detail and a good visual will enable this to be quick and intuitive. An apparently simple picture can be used to open up a huge array of data enabling comparisons and relationships to be seen and recognised with a flick of the cursor.

This kind of tool can enable relationships, comparisons and patterns to be noticed and remembered visually and the physical interaction can develop an engagement with the relationships displayed that can't be achieved with a static diagram, spreadsheet or other forms of database.

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Abstract data visualisation

Abstract visualisation can enable a lot of data to be presented in a concise form. Although the sense of physical scale that concrete visualisation conveys is lost, abstract visualisation can help an audience make comparisons within a dataset and see abstract relationships more clearly.

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Google Earth Visualiser

The Google Earth Visualiser is a powerful way of engaging non-technical people in multiple carbon footprints information. The tool can be used to communicate large data sets related to specific geographic locations by placing representations of actual volumes of greenhouse gases at specific locations.

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Understanding carbon emissions is a step-by-step process. It can begin by helping people to see that emissions are real rather than theoretical constructs. Real-time or simulated real-time animations can bring unseen impacts alive and therefore be a useful way of helping people in this first engagement step.

They can provide a powerful way for people to make sense of carbon emissions, whether at the personal or the global scale.

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Carbon Visuals is happy to provide speakers for any conferences where climate change, carbon emissions, energy use or other environmental impacts or natural resource issues are on the agenda. Our approach is to use stories, film and visual images in an informal way that can inspire and educate audiences.

We can also help your conference come alive by creating powerful visuals to compliment inspiring presentations. And we can facilitate workshops and events around carbon and climate communication.

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Engaging cities

Cities around the world are determined to show leadership in tackling climate change. Initiatives such as C40 and the CDP Cities Project are helping cities to create common standards and protocols. Data is being collected and each year this becomes more robust.

But up to now engagement of ordinary city dwellers, the man and woman in the street, has been fragmented and relatively ineffective.

Carbon Visuals can help change this. The response to our New York emissions video shows that our imagery can engage everyone – not just specialists. We can help cities communicate carbon footprints, targets and success stories successfully.

Showing emissions as volumes in familiar spaces helps people get involved. And getting citizens involved in this conversation can have multiple benefits.

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Consultancy & collaboration

Carbon Visuals can provide consultancy services to help any organisation wanting to communicate carbon information or data. Our enables us to help design and implement solutions to any carbon communication challenge.

We are keen to collaborate with creative agencies where our science-based infographics capability can be complimented by the creative flair of others.

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DIY Visuals

We have created a tool / widget that enables you to make your own visual of a carbon footprint volume.

It shows the actual volume that a quantity of carbon dioxide would occupy at standard pressure and 15°C, and gives readers a sense of scale they can relate to.

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